Tuesday, February 5, 2019


Florida Maquis is a Christian socialist who is not a liberal. He says the left in Latin America are different to the left in the U.S. as they are not liberals either.

Florida Maquis warns of a catastrophe if the US decides to invade Venezuela as its people will fight to the death. The U.S. will be fighting in a jungle, not in a dessert, like in the ME where it had been easy picking. He also warns it might trigger off wars in other Latin American countries as well pulling the U.S. further into a quandary.

Florida Maquis says Brazil's leader is the most dangerous person to have ever ruled a Latin American country, and when the U.S. military is a spent force, he will go in and steal Venezuela's resources.


Konrad said...

“Florida Maquis says the left in Latin America are different to the left in the U.S. as they are not liberals either.”

That’s true for the most part. Latin leftists tend to be economic leftists -- i.e. populists and socialists.

Today’s Brazil, however, is an exception. During the commodities boom of 2000 – 2014, Brazil became so rich from selling raw materials to China that Brazil actually started lending to foreign nations in Brazilian reals. (!!!) In those days people admired the BRICS nations (Brazil, Russia, China, India).

Brazil’s success allowed the leftist Workers’ Party to finally take power in Brazil. President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva did for Brazil what Hugo Chavez did for Venezuela. But when the commodities boom ended, Brazil’s economy collapsed, and neoliberal oligarchs saw their chance to retake power. They deposed President Dilma Rousseff in a coup, and imprisoned Lula da Silva so he could not run again for office.

The deposed Workers’ Party became so crippled that it resorted to extreme political correctness and identity politics in an attempt to camouflage the party’s helplessness (just as leading U.S. Democrats in the USA use identity politics to distract attention from their subservience to Wall Street). Gay rights, trans rights, militant feminism – it was all there, and it disgusted mainstream Brazilians.

In Brazil’s Congress, Jair Bolsonaro gained notoriety by attacking political correctness and identity politics. This made him popular with average Brazilians. Meanwhile Brazil’s money powers offered to make Bolsonaro president if Bolsonaro would let the money powers run Brazil, and let them install arch-neoliberal Paulo Guedes as Brazil’s de facto ruler.

Bolsonaro agreed, and now everyone calls him “Your Excellency.” He’s vain, gullible, and a moron.

As a result, Brazil is now more neoliberal than ever. Same with Argentina. Economic conditions in both nations are FAR WORSE than in Venezuela, but the corporate news outlets don’t talk about that, since the Brazilian and Argentine governments are now US puppets.

“Florida Maquis says Brazil's leader is the most dangerous person to have ever ruled a Latin American country, and when the U.S. military is a spent force, he will go in and steal Venezuela's resources.”

No. Paulo Guedes and the Brazilian money powers have Bolsonaro on a tight leash (or more like a heavy chain). They will not let Bolsonaro threaten Venezuela’s neoliberal oligarchs, who are allies with Brazil's oligarchs. It would destabilize all of Latin America. They might let Bolsonaro use the military to oust Nicola Maduro, but they would first need US permission to do that.

The USA doesn’t want to use military force, because Latins are too touchy about that, after so many decades of US invasions and proxy wars in Latin America. The USA would lose all the political capital it has built up against Maduro.

Instead, the USA is in siege mode. It is starving Venezuela until the Maduro government is forced to surrender, at which point the middle and lower classes in Venezuela will be sold into slavery.

Venezuela is like Alesia in Gaul (52 BC). Julius Caesar’s legions couldn’t take the city, so they starved it. Eventually the men of Alesia sent their women and children outside in the hope that the Romans would feed them, but the Romans spat on them and let the women and children starve to death (literally). Finally the Romans stormed the city and killed most of the men inside it, and enslaved all survivors.

For the glory of Rome.

Konrad said...

The BRICS nations also included South Africa.

Konrad said...

By the way, look at that woman in the thumbnail for the YouTube video. I think that’s Lilian Tintori, wife of Leopoldo López, who was sentenced in 2015 to nearly 14 years in prison for leading riots against the Maduro government.

Lilian Tintori and Leopoldo López are fanatically anti-Maduro and pro-USA.

My point is that Lilian Tintori is always wearing dresses like that, and parading around in bikinis. She constantly appears on Venezuelan talk shows, attacking Maduro, and flaunting her body.

Contrast her with Tulsi Gabbard, who is as beautiful inside as she is outside.

If you don’t believe me about the bikini thing, see this…


Kaivey said...

Tulsi Gabbard is much nicer and attractive. And a lovely person too

Konrad said...

How’s this for comic relief?

In the USA, pro football teams will not hire former player Colin Kaepernick because his “take a knee” gesture during the playing of the national anthem caused viewer ratings to plunge faster than ever.

(Last Sunday’s Super Bowl ratings were the worst since 1973, and Kaepernick wasn’t even involved.)

I personally have no problem with Kaepernick’s gesture. He is now suing the National Football League (NFL) charging racial discrimination. His lawyer Mark Geragos doesn’t think that will work, since 70 percent of pro football players are black. Instead, in the video below, Mark Geragos says Kaepernick has employment problems because…(wait for it)…the Russians did it.

Geragos says the NFL won’t hire Kaepernick because the NFL wants to support Trump, who is a Russian agent.



Geragos is a lawyer for Hollywood celebrities, and he therefore pushes identity politics and Russia-gate. He is angry that Super Bowl halftime performer Adam Levine did not “take a knee” (Kaepernick style) or do anything overtly political during Levine’s halftime musical number.