Monday, February 4, 2019

Frank Li — What Is Really Going on in Venezuela?

Venezuela is in the news. Two big news stories:
  • Trump recognizes Venezuela's opposition leader as its legitimate president.
  • Venezuela breaks diplomatic relations with US.
Curious about the fast development of these stories, I decided to research into the matter.
Not surprisingly, the U.S. has, again, been meddling behind the scene. Let me share some interesting videos ...
What Is Really Going on in Venezuela?
Frank Li | Chinese ex-pat, Founder and President of W.E.I. (West-East International), a Chicago-based import & export company, B.E. from Zhejiang University (China) in 1982, M.E. from the University of Tokyo in 1985, and Ph.D. from Vanderbilt University in 1988, all in Electrical Engineering

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Frank Li is on the same page as us.