Friday, February 8, 2019

Sputnik — Ocasio-Cortez Will Not Be on House Climate Change Committee

Serious blunder on the part of Pelosi. The Establishment is showing signs of desperation.

The 2016 election should have showed the Democratic establishment that poking progressives in the eye was fatal. The 2018 election should have demonstrated the growing power and influence of progressives. The demographic projections should inform the "centrists" that the future of the Democratic Party belongs to the left as the youth rising in numbers and influence come to power.

But losers will be losers.

Sputnik International
Ocasio-Cortez Will Not Be on House Climate Change Committee


Calgacus said...

The headline is a little misleading. Ocasio-Cortez turned down the seat:

The Democratic Representative said that she was offered a seat by Pelosi on the special committee on climate change but she turned it down to focus on the so-called “Green New Deal” that she and Massachusetts Senator Ed Markey unveiled on Thursday, the New York Post reported.

Pelosi is of course trying to bury it, but she isn't dumb enough to not offer the seat.

I like the way AOC turned Pelosi's snide dig around:

Pelosi:“It will be one of several or maybe many suggestions that we receive. The green dream, or whatever they call it, nobody knows what it is, but they’re for it, right?”

Ocasio-Cortez said that her plan is a “green dream” indeed and that she and Pelosi are “in this together, we are 100 percent in this together.”

Mike Norman said...

Pelosi and her condescending mocking of AOC and her vision. I despise this woman. Pelosi will be swallowed up by the tsunami of change that AOC is unleashing.

Calgacus said...

Yup, Mike. But the response seems to show skill in the art of diplomacy = "Saying nice doggie, until you can find a rock."

Tom Hickey said...

Progressives are under no illusions why AOC turned down the seat.

The Democratic leadership has no intention of doing a GND, Medicare for All, ending endless war, seriously addressing inequality or anything else that progressives want.

This is the wrong message to be sending in a shifting political environment. They will lose again in 2020.