Friday, February 8, 2019

Ted Nolan — 'Cum Laude'

Physician Ted Noel first admits that AOC went though rigorous math training to obtain her undergrad degree in International Relations and Economics, and then accuses her of making trivial math mistakes. 

He then shoots from the hip himself, cooking up an off the cuff model of why AOC is clearly wrong. 

Dr. Nolan  thinks he can just extemporize a response off the top of his head based on his undergrad math degree as part of his pre-med training when we are talking about launching another Manhattan Project to meet an existential threat. 

Another physician who thinks he is God? Don't waste your time reading this.

NOQ Report
'Cum Laude'
Ted Noel, MD


Calgacus said...

Hey, on numeracy needed for statistics and MMT, here is a fun fact.

If you've taken a couple of terms of statistics, you know the F-statistic. Probably AOC does. F stands for Fisher (Ronald). But it is sometimes called the Fisher-Snedecor statistic. And none other than VP Henry Wallace MMTer-avant-la-lettre like most New Dealers, happened to write a book on multivariate statistics with George Snedecor.

Magpie said...

Just out of curiosity: where did you learn about this Dr Ted Noel?

After two searches I didn't learn much to recommend him and what I learned seems iffy.

First I Googled ["Ted Noel" MD] (everything within the square brackets). Google returned about 8,960 results (0.46 seconds). This:

If there was anything about hospitals, surgeries, practices, where this "Doctor" works or may have worked, I couldn't find it. No Linkedin profile. No alumni list, no reference in medical schools. Nothing really.

Then I tried my luck with ["Ted Noel" MD, Anesthesiologist]. This time Google returned about 551 results (0.67 seconds). Pretty much the same crap:


After searching the only things about him I could find are

(1) His self-description as "a Board Certified Anesthesiologist with 36 years of experience."[*]

(2) Some links say he is from Orlando, Florida.

(3) And his apparent authorship of net posts where himself, allegedly an anesthesiologist, diagnoses HRC with Parkinson's disease, a neurological disease, without any medical examination, any lab test, hell, without ever coming near her! (To have an idea of what a Parkinson's disease diagnostic involves: [#])


To be entirely fair with "Dr" Noel: I've seen liberals "remote control" diagnose The Donald with psychological conditions ranging from psycho-/sociopathy down to narcissism. That's as bananas as what "Dr" Teddy claims he can do.

In defense of the arm-chair liberal psychiatrists/psychologists, at least they recognised their lack of qualifications to diagnose.


Maybe he is related to Egmont? :-)


Tom Hickey said...

Just out of curiosity: where did you learn about this Dr Ted Noel?

I've set a Google alert for MMT and Modern Monetary Theory. This is one the hits that turned up today. Used to get an occasional hit now and then. Now it's several daily.

I pick up some things from Twitter, too.