Sunday, February 10, 2019

TRNN - Blood for Oil in Venezuela?

John Bolton says Venezuela is one of three countries he considers to be the troika of tyranny. Not Saudi Arabia, Isreal, Britain , or the U.S which have been on a war rampage for decades now attacking one country after another. When you're the 'good guys' you're allowed to kill as many as the 'bad guys' as you want, even if that means dropping napalm on them, blanket bombing them, or destroying their crops, killing millions, women and children too. You see, it's for their good, we're saving them from something very bad.

This is more than just about Venezuela, it's also why many countries tried socialism and why they were often not very successful. Most of the countries that went socialist were very poor, where the ruling elite had badly exploited the people. When they become socialist they had an enormous task getting their economies going, but the West was also attacking these countries trying to undermine them.

Many Western countries never went socialist because they were the beneficiaries of colonialism, where exploiting the world made capitalism appear to work. But since neoliberalism, this isn't the case anymore, and the French, in particular, are fighting back, while the millennials are now more open to socialism.

Vijay Prashad discusses the extent to which US interest in Venezuelan oil and other natural resources is driving Trump's policy of seeking regime change. The link is not that straight-forward, but it is there, says Prashad

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