Tuesday, April 9, 2019

TRNN - The Bizarre Billionaire that Backed Bannon and Made Trump President

A chilling documentary about the Right that backed Trump. About how billionaires fund climate change denial, and as they are losing that argument, how they are funding think tanks to con people into believing that increased carbon is good for the planet.

These billionaires also behind the crazy Agenda 21 movement which says that green liberals at the United Nations intend to de-populate the world. Their right wing propaganda is to get people to hate the United Nations, or any force which could moderate their ultra conservative values.

Mixed in with all the vulgar hard right rhetoric is a crazy version of Christianity, where they actually think they are righteous when they propose nothing but hostility and war on the rest of the world.

There are clips from a Steve Bannon film showing a fictional hillbilly family brandishing rifles shooting everything in sight saying how they love killing things and that they are righteous Christians willing to fight evil and the liberals for God.

The TRNN documentary also looks at how these billionaires make their money, which is by gambling on the stock exchange. They use hundreds of the best physicists, mathematicians, and software experts to outsmart everyone else, but they contribute nothing to society, says Bill Black.

These billionaires target poor white Americans to get them to vote for right wing politicians by saying they are on the side of the little guy, and yet they run massive corporations which have wiped out many small businesses, and lowered the standard of living for everyone else.

Steve Bannon shows clips of sleazy soft porn saying these are liberal values which the righteous will banish, and yet he, and his cronies, backed Trump, but you know what he had to say about women and Brian Epstein's yacht. Hippocrates!

It seems with right propaganda, you can get people to believe anything.

Quite a disturbing documentary, when you see how people could be this crazy!

Trump, who says he's going to drain the swamp.



Bob Roddis said...

Those billionaires just gamble with the new funny money created out of nothing which facilitates a wealth transfer to them from average people. As Austrian theory predicted.

Another reason to love fiat funny money.

Kaivey said...

I think they would do the same with gold, Bob.

Kaivey said...

You can't blame people who know how to make money this way, but what we need is a spanner in the works, like a Tobin tax, which will make it unprofitable, and then the money raised can be used for social programs and climate change. Put to a good use.

Bob Roddis said...

I think they would do the same with gold, Bob.

That is a totally baseless and fact free claim. The whole point of betting on an asset bubble with funny money loans is that the new money bids up the price of the asset artificially with the newly created money. You ride the artificial bubble and hope to get off the roller coaster at the last possible moment with the greatest profits. Since there would be little if any inflation with gold and most likely a gradual decrease in prices across the board over time, there could and would be no asset bubbles. No new funny money, no Cantillon Effects transferring wealth to the first receivers from average people.

Kaivey said...

A Tobin tax would be quite good, Bob, and it would raise a lot of money for good causes.