Friday, May 10, 2019

Andrei Martyanov — Mr. Pompeo Goes to Sochi and Moscow arrangement can be made with the United States anymore, since it is increasingly non-governable entity with utterly corrupt political institutions at the very top.

Two years ago I stated:
The only way of the United States out of present day pitiful state will be only with removal of most of current"elites" and "experts" who served them for so long. Thus America's losing the faith in this kind of expertise is a good thing....
The US has a deficit of soft power, becoming more feared than respected, and if is losing its edge in hard power, too.

Reminiscence of the Future
Mr. Pompeo Goes to Sochi and Moscow.
Andrei Martyanov

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In a recent interview with CNN regarding the future of the Maduro government, Bolton said “..sometimes one kick at the door and the whole rotten edifice falls down”. Bolton’s words clearly illustrated that he believed it was likely that the days of the Maduro government were numbered should sufficient force be applied.
There was another man who once said a remarkably similar thing before beginning one of the bloodiest and costliest conflicts in the history of mankind, that man was Adolf Hitler. Shortly before Operation Barbarossa (the German invasion of the Soviet Union) Hitler was convinced that the U.S.S.R would quickly collapse under the weight of German arms, telling his generals “You only have to kick in the door and the whole rotten structure will come crashing down,”….
John Bolton Inadvertently Quotes Hitler
Tarric Brooker

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