Sunday, May 5, 2019

Eric Zuesse — Leaked: USA’s Feb 2018 Plan for Coup in Venezuela

What your government is up to. It is illegal under the UN Charter. Quite revealing that the US military high command would sign on to it. A foreign-mounted overthrow of a sovereign state's government without a UN Security Council resolution is a war crime. Calling it a "coup" is a misnomer. This is the overthrow of a government by a foreign state using its military to do so.

 There is no way to verify the document appended as genuine since it is labeled "Top Secret" however. But if true, this qualifies the US as a rogue state, and it appears reminiscent of Hitler's takeover of adjacent countries in the lead-up to WWII. This is one thing that the establishment of the UN was aimed at preventing. Serious stuff. "It can happen again," and it is happening. (See last link in this series.)

Congress should be on this immediately or the entire US government can be viewed as involved based on silence being consent.

I really don't think that the US politician get this. But the military high command certainly should. Following illegal orders is no excuse. This was decided international law at Nuremberg.

Leaked: USA’s Feb 2018 Plan for Coup in Venezuela
Eric Zuesse

Bullshit law.

Sputnik International
Pompeo Claims Any US Action in Venezuela, Including Military, to Be 'Lawful'
See also

It's certain that Trump and Putin had some words about this at their recent telephonic meeting.

US attempt to topple Venezuelan govt by force would lead to grave consequences – Lavrov

Sputnik International

Lavrov Warns Attempts to Overthrow Venezuelan Gov't to Cause 'Catastrophe'

US' Real Actions Contradict Verbal Crusade Over Venezuela 'Humanitarian Crisis'
Rachel Maddow doesn’t think John Bolton is being hawkish enough.
John. Fucking. Bolton.
At the time, I thought MSNBC's hiring of Rachel was a great idea. Now I view it as an unmitigated disaster. The Democratic Establishment is digging a hole for themselves that will be impossible to haul themselves out of. That is a good thing. Time for the whole lot of them to do. They are all losers — born to lose.

Caitlin Johnstone — Rogue Journalist
On Venezuela, Tucker Airs Anti-Trump Ideas While Maddow Wants John Bolton To Be More Hawkish
Caitlin Johnstone

Fort Russ
MAJOR: Inside How The Coup Was Foiled – Venezuela’s Army Chief Padrino TRICKED Trump & Abrams
Vladimir Dobrynin
In the aftermath of the failed coup which FRN has covered in depth, the White House is in clear disarray. U.S President Donald Trump has openly contradicted the statements of his senior officials on Russian “involvement” in Venezuela after a telephone conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin held on May 3.
Clown government.

Fort Russ
VENEZUELA REVERSAL: Trump Says Russia not Interfering – ditches Pompeo-Bolton line on Venezuela after Putin talks
Paul Antonopoulos

Joaquin Flores

Caitlin Johnstone — Rogue Journalist
Venezuela: Establishment Talking Points Translation Key
Caitlin Johnstone

Yes, it can happen again. Fascism is alive and well, even in quarters that may seem unbelievable based on history.

Sputnik International
'Yes, We're Racists': Rabbis Recorded Endorsing Hitler, Urging to Enslave Arabs


Kaivey said...

Perhaps the Empire is losing its grip?

Kaivey said...

The U.S. thinks it can use gunboat diplomacy to get what it wants. Pirates and bandits at sea. I see the Western elite as crude and stupid, including Barack Obama.

pjkar said...

Hey Tom.

Why no mention of the anti-imperialist activists occupying in the Venezuelan Embassy in DC? They are there at the invitation of the Maduro government. Thus far they are keeping the pro-coup fack ambassador from taking the place The place is surrounded by a pro-Guaido mob which is proving to be very threatening. Check it out.