Friday, May 10, 2019

On Contact: Russiagate & Mueller Report w/ Aaron Mate

An excellent round-up of the Russia-Gate saga with Aaron Mate. U.S. Intel didn't like Trump because he criticised their foreign policy and wanted peace with Russia, and they also saw him as a bad steward of the Empire. The Democrats hated him too and so together with the Intel they conspired against him.  Liberals, the ruling elite, and the military industrial complex all worked together to undermine democracy.

Peace with Russia is not good for weapons sales. So, a hideous mixture of the liberals, Empire, and the war machine seamlessly cooperating together. Even Michael Moore went along with it.

Therefore, a disturbing mixture, rather like Prince Johnson's Liberian mercenaries going into battle wearing wedding dresses believing they wouldn't get shot if they looked like women. The world is insane!

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