Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Sputnik International — 'Fracas in Caracas' Signals US Attempt to Gain Hold Over Oil-Dependent Countries

With self-proclaimed Venezuelan Interim President Juan Guaido’s third coup having failed, it’s important to take measure of the global goals Washington has in trying to overthrow President Nicolas Maduro and the Bolivarian movement. One historian told Sputnik the US would gain much-needed leverage over rivals like China....
"If US imperialism can then get under its belt Venezuelan oil, and Iranian oil, and have the Permian Basin in Texas, it's controlling the lifeblood of the Chinese economy, the European Union's economy, the Japanese economy; it gives US imperialism considerable leverage, and it seems to me, that ultimately is what this fracas in Caracas is all about," Horne said....
This pushes Russia and China closer together strategically with resource-rich Russia supplying China, as well as providing technology (including for military use). 

Sputnik International
Jason Ditz


Joe said...

US actions in Venezuela are far worse than any silly obstruction of justice over a crime that didn't actually happen. Yet, it's taken as a given the US has a right to do this. Can we just once, just once, not be the global bad guy?

Kaivey said...

See how the farmers are being had over, and yet most probably vote conservative.

In the UK the farmers lauded on Thather's Conservative government while it destroyed manufacturing and coal mining jobs saying it's time people worked for a living.

A few years later the supermarkets used their market position to drive down the price of farm produce and then the farmers hated neoliberalism.

Also, the neoliberals wanted the farm subsidies lowered and the farmers hatred that too.

The farmers had pretended to love capitalism until the market worked against them, and they hated the subsidies to the coal industry saying there can be no more nanny state. But when their subsidies were reduced they complained like hell.

Now they tell us they are the stewards of the countryside and if we love the countryside then we have to pay for it - with subsidies - to keep it beautiful. The British countryside will be a big theme park. Hey, I've got a better idea, why not let it go back to wild - that would be amazing.

It was said that when Eastern Europe joined the EC, it had the most beautiful countryside, which would be destroyed by competing with Western European farms.