Tuesday, May 7, 2019

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Summary of the threat posed by climate change with a clock on it to some extent.

Found this, thought it was pretty good for people who don't realise what's going on
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Ryan Harris said...

What is it with people in cults predicting the end of the world? As CC predictions failed over and over and have become more breathless and dire with indoctrinated people literally believing that the end times are nigh, extinction crisis imminent, they are following the typical cult demise of believing that only they, the enlightened can see what everyone else is missing and must act. Really become awfully delusional stuff over the last year or two. Beyond anything sane people can disagree over. Even mainstream climatologists who make their living by showing AGW have turned on these lefty activists.

Bob Roddis said...

I suppose you geniuses know EXACTLY how much monetary and fiscal stimulus the economy requires and how much SIMULTANEOUS climate change de-stimulus it requires, right? How many ghost cities could China build without fiat funny money? How many sprawling suburbs and 10 lane concrete freeways could the US build without fiat funny money? How many foreign countries could the US military bomb, smash and destroy without fiat funny money?

I know! Let's blame it all on laissez faire!

INDY said...

We quantitatively analyzed conversion of the US economy to Carbon Neutrality 4 years ago.

The papers are available online via Academia.

The conversion reduced energy consumption from the curent 90 quads to 20 quads.

The conversion left US manufacturing intact, US agriculture intact.

6 kwe of PV on the roof of evrey house, 50 Kwe of PV on the roofs of every farm, 1 - 1 Mwe direct
drive wind turbine on every farm, 2Mwe of NaS batteries on every farm was sufficient to run the

I will gladly email copies to anyone interested.


Ryan Harris said...

This is why the plan was widely mocked:

"conversion reduced energy consumption from the curent 90 quads to 20 quads"

Assumptions are ridiculous. It only get worse when you examine other assumptions.

Ryan Harris said...

Estimates range from 200 million to 2-billion deaths as a result of the plan. Maniacal leftist authoritarians obviously have killed far more in previous iterations of implementing cultist ideologies. Not this time.