Saturday, May 4, 2019

Winning Again!!!!

US UE: 3.6% (50 YEAR LOW!!!!)... April jobs: +263.000.... (WHO KNEW?!?!?)....  Liberal Arts trained generated figurative word "Inflation!": In the toilet... Fed: On hold (POWELL FED EMASCULATED by POTUS tweets?!?!?) ... and then.... last BUT NOT LEAST.... US Fiscal: UP 7%+ YoY (PERHAPS UNPRECEDENTED?!?!!?)...

Then, can you believe it, sentiment: Still BEARISH! .. on  the backs of all the disgraced political hack Trump Derangement Syndrome sufferer's mass psychosis!!  (Thanks TDS political hack assholes for providing a continued and sustained 'wall of worry' (FD for liberal arts trained this is a figure of speech, no one is actually climbing a wall ha ha calm down...) in the face of historic levels of improving data)

Next stop... perhaps budget balancing?!?!?!   (Oh no 'defict too small!' zombie morons!!! what say you then?!?!?!

(Its like a fucking nightmare isn't it??? You know it!!!)

Here's Liberal Arts trained Larry Kudlow with his latest assessment right from the Whitehouse:

Can't argue with a fellow Liberal Arts guy if you are another one can you???? Or maybe you can???  How is this supposed to work??!!?

Sweet weekend dreams with ..... DOUBLE TRIGGERS!!!!