Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Political Calculations — California's "Staggering" Homeless Count

Putting some numbers on it.

Political Calculations
California's "Staggering" Homeless Count


Kaivey said...

My local Labour Council are knocking down two houses and are going to build flats (apartments) on them. The Conservatives and their supporters are fighting the proposals. I guess no one wants lots of flats in their street. The Conservatives have already stopped the Labour Council from building a 6 storey building in the high street as they didn't have enough car parking space for all the residents, so it's now going to be 4 storey building now.

I don't know what the answer is. Some new flats have been built down the road from me and they look very nice. I went up to the show flat and took some yne photos through the window. At first it looks really nice, but the kitchen, diner, living room is all one room with bits sectioned off. It has a one sofa in there with a small unit opposite with a TV on. The diner has a table for four in. The kitchen does have plenty of cupboards and is spacious enough. But after the initial impression you realise there is no room for anything else, and the same for the small bedroom, which has one waldrobe in it with two draws underneath. You could fit a chest of under the window, where the glass window goes all the way to the ground and looks rather nice, so that will be spoilt.

I realised that for two people the home would soon become a nightmare with clutter everywhere. You would have trouble even getting a desktop PC in there, so i guess it will be just laptops and tablets. And you wouldn't be able to have much clothes. I have a three bedroomed house and I managed to fill it up with just me in it, although my girlfriend has moved in now so there is even less space.

Storage companies are now doing well, as people love buying stuff but have nowhere to put it, so they hire a storage cupboard / rooms now and pile it in there.

If only we could reduce populations a bit.

I love the London Green Belt but it is under pressure. I can walk ten minutes down the road and be in fields with goats, sheep, and cows in, and in the other direction within 20 minutes i can be in a woods with wild dear in, but there are other woods around here too with beautiful views over the valleys.

With poor people coming from the third world, we need to change capitalism so they don't feel the need to emigrate. Then we can slowly reduce populations. Let's hope AI can help us with this.

Kaivey said...

I should add, that a 15 minute walk in another direction and I can be in a small town that has a fantastic local hospital and a large supermarket (hypermarket), where i can almost everything, except large kitchen appliances and furniture.