Friday, June 7, 2019

Figurative Language

You can't correct someone making a reification error by employing additional figurative language... you have to use proper real or literal language..

Down-thread Bill for example is trying to correct a bunch of left-wing morons but here is his title: "...parties erect the plank and then walk it" ... nice pirate metaphor but sorry its not going to work... youre trying to correct people who are not understanding the abstraction of govt accounting and finance and are defaulting into reification, so more of the figurative isn't going to work... that is what these morons are already doing... they are thinking the complex abstractions are real and we can run out of them...

Here is a quick sampling of his use of even more figurative language in the post real quick:  "critiques coming out of the woodwork ... immediate response is to assess it and to try to corral it within the mainstream straitjacket... Science advances one funeral at a time... we didn’t unambiguously choose the ‘high’ way.. the ‘truth sandwich’.. , the economists were ‘crying wolf’.... the ‘fiscal ratio’ smokescreen... It is a downward spiral ... the top-end-of-town... The usual tripe:.. 3. Printing money!... speculators dump our currency.... he was frothing a bit, building himself up to a lather... one-size fits all ..."

I might have missed a few... this is... NOT.... GOOD.

We are not writing a song lyric.

This MMT tactic of just using ever more figurative language ("it like points on a scoreboard!") in a dialectic exchange to try to correct a bunch of people who can't understand the scientific abstractions involved in government accounting and finance

HAS not worked...

IS not working..

and WILL not work in the future.

It doesn't work.

How about try making an adjustment; or just keep doing the same thing and expecting a different result next time.