Thursday, June 6, 2019

Kult America - Why I left America for Poland

Less crime, less murder, less drug problems, more relaxed pace, better healthcare (state run).

People often ask me how could I chose to live in Poland instead of the US. What was the reason to move out from the ’american dream” and settle down in the East European country? On today’s episode of Kult America I will try to explain why I made that choice. It was not just my admiration for the culture, but involved some social, economic, and - nevertheless - personal reasons.

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Dean said...

At some point people are going to realize that a Poland can exist in America and an america can exist in Poland, and a Russia can exist is America and an america can exist in russia, and Christians can live among muslims & so forth, and the size of these little russias, polands, and americas etc are irrelevant. Economists, for whatever reason, have been the last group on earth to realize that different 'ways' of existing can co-exist among one another - they seem to think that as far as economics is concerned, we are all subject to the same principles.