Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Moon of Alabama — Cuban Doctors Provide Healthcare To Those In Need-The U.S. Wants To Stop Them

The Trump administration likes the steps Bolsonaro took. It wants to starve Cuba of access to hard currencies that the body leasing of doctors provides. It is also one of the reasons why it targets Venezuela:
Around 50,000 Cuban health professionals work in 66 countries worldwide, although around half of those work in Venezuela, with an additional 11,456 in Brazil.
The Cuban doctors in Brazil are gone and the U.S. is pressing for those in Venezuela to leave. Trump's National Security Advisor John Bolton falsely claims that the Cuban doctors in Venezuela are military personal that should leave the country. The Cuban Revolutionary Armed Forces have in total only 39,000 regular troops. To suggest that more than half of them are in Venezuela, even though none are ever seen there, borders on lunacy.
The Trump administration is looking for additional ways to destroy Cuba's doctor leasing program:
Why would the US want to do this? Because the leasing of Cuban doctors, who were trained for free in Cuba, earns Cuba hard currency. This is a piece of the economic war.

Moon of Alabama
Cuban Doctors Provide Healthcare To Those In Need - The U.S. Wants To Stop Them

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