Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Southfront — Huawei In Discussions To Install Rostelecom’s Aurora OS On Its Devices: Media

Chinese tech giant Huawei is allegedly in discussions with Russia to implement the Russian Aurora operation system (OS) on its devices, the Bell reported on June 10th.
Huawei In Discussions To Install Rostelecom’s Aurora OS On Its Devices: Media

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Hopefully, all this will lead to more competition in the field of operating systems down the line. Once the Chinese, Russians and Indians gear up it is going to be a new game. And we are beginning to see that.
Huawei's OS, which remains Android-compatible, is reportedly based on a lightweight microkernel which "can react quickly to adjustments and batches," with engineers creating the system after closely studying both Android and Apple's iOS, its nearest competitor. Presently, the pair of operating systems account for nearly 100 percent of current smartphone operating systems.

Last week, a company source toldGlobal Times that the new OS, named 'HongMeng' OS in China and 'Oak OS' for the overseas clients, would likely launch by the third quarter of 2019, and definitely no later than next spring.
Sputnik International
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Russia has offered Huawei to consider an option of using a Russian software ecosystem at various devices of the Chinese corporation, a source familiar of details of the meeting between Russian Telecom Minister Konstantin Noskov and Deputy Chairman of Huawei Board Guo Ping told TASS on Tuesday.
Further to the domestic Aurora Operating System (OS), social media, search engine and antiviruses were also discussed, according to the source.
"Aurora was not the only item for discussion. An ecosystem of Russian software was offered to Huawei at large: social media, search engine, antiviruses, and so on," the source said.
Russia offers software ecosystem for smartphones to Huawei — source

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