Sunday, July 7, 2019

Can Fiscal Policy Prevent Recessions? — Brian Romanchuk

The focus of my upcoming book is on recession forecasting, and not policy responses towards recessions. However, I expect that this is a subject of interest to many of my readers, so I will offer a brief outline of some of the literature.
(Note: this is an unedited first draft of a section from my manuscript book on recessions. For a typical standalone article, it is too long. However, I do not want to spend time stripping out information that should appear in a book. I could have split it into multiple parts, but I did not feel there was a natural splitting point. And yes, I went a bit nuts with footnotes.)….
Bond Economics
Can Fiscal Policy Prevent Recessions?
Brian Romanchuk

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Bob Roddis said...

Since interventionism causes recessions, how can more disruptive intervention cure the prior intervention?