Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Lee Iococca personally intervened for me

Lee Iococca

Just heard that Lee Iococca died. He was a great guy. Here's a true personal story.

In 1990 I sold my house in NJ and moved to Switzerland. Before moving I bought a brand new Jeep Renegade and shipped it over with my moving goods. Shortly after I got there the car experienced a total brake failure. Chrysler issued a recall in the U.S. but the local Jeep dealer in Geneva would not honor the recall or the warranty on the new car. Exasperated I sent a fax off to a main fax number for Chrysler Corp in Detroit. In the fax I said I would never buy another Chrysler product again, only a Toyota, Nissan or Honda. I never expected to get any reply. 20 minutes later I got a call from an executive at Chrysler who told me they were sending a specialist out to Europe with parts for my car and he would come to Geneva to show the local Jeep dealer how to fix my car. It was amazing. Do you know who was Chairman of Chrysler at that time? Lee Iococca. What a guy.

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