Saturday, July 6, 2019

NEW Enslavement of the Working Class (7)- Paul C. Roberts, Herland Report

I sometimes think is it just me that is impressed by Putin and Xi Jinping, and then I wonder whether I am just being naive when neoliberalism and libertarianism, i.e, pressent western philosophy, teaches us that we are all just entirely selfish, and that any good deed we do is just to satisfy a selfish desire - fame, admiration, glory, popularity, etc.

Fortunately, no, not just me, but Paul Craig Roberts as well as many others who believe that there can be a better world and that our leaders can be a force for good.

A superb interview!

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Andrew Anderson said...

And the MMT solution to private-sector wage slavery?

Supplement it with government-sector wage slavery!

Oh and per Warren Mosler: INCREASE government privileges for banks, a major cause of wage slavery to begin with.