Sunday, July 7, 2019

Noel Edmunds - Lloyd's Bank now being torn open by activists

Noel Edmunds says how nobody believed him when he told them that Lloyd's Bank was a criminal outfit, but now the truth is coming out. It is a criminal organisation on a massive scale, like Deutsch Bank.

He says that over the next few months there will be many arrests at Lloyd's bank, but he fears that those at the very top will probably get away with it as usual.

Lloyd's Bank employees forged signatures and invented non existant employees so they could get people thrown out of their homes or to reposses their businesses.

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Andrew Anderson said...

It's everyday normal practice for banks, via government-privilege, to legally steal from the poor for the benefit of the rich, since the latter are more so-called "creditworthy".

And that doesn't bother you, kv?