Friday, July 5, 2019 - The Quickening

When going bankrupt it starts off slowly and then it happens very quickly. Author and businessman, Mark Brooks, says this is happening to the Western narrative right now as the propaganda has become so outlandish that lots of people are beginning to cotton on to the lies, and like the Emperor's New Clothes, the masses are about to realise it too. It's already happening in France.

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What is quickening?

“The crony-capitalist system is collapsing. Like ancient Rome, it is too corrupt to stand. The financial crisis was a major shock, but was nevertheless a symptom, as are the emergent fractures in our societies & our politics, as is the increase in geopolitical tension and warfare.
As this process accelerates it will become increasingly clear to ‘normal’ people that the primary concern of governments and ‘elites’ is to maintain their grip on power, and to double down when it is threatened. If the majority of westerners showed even a modicum of interest in their own history, this would already be glaringly apparent. Ultimately, however, this ‘grip’ will fail. Power is systemic…and anyone who believes that centralisation of control in highly complex systems is anything other than a disaster waiting to happen…has not been paying attention. 
One way or another we will have a realignment of geopolitical power, and a new monetary system – that is inevitable. A major war, though increasingly likely – isn’t. But to avoid this we need to be awake, and intolerant of any more ‘horse-shit’…from the left or the right”
(Excerpt from ‘The Reasons We Go to War’September 2017)
Since I wrote that article a year and a half ago, the ‘horse-shit’ has continued unabated:
  1. The ‘Russia-gate’ farce is still rolling on, despite the Mueller enquiry finding no evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and the Kremlin. The demonization of Putin is almost a religion in Washington – it provides a convenient excuse for military spending and provides Democrats & Republicans with a rare comfort – something they can agree on in public: The demonization of Vladimir Putin
  2. Washington has increased its pressure on Iran through new sanctions and threats aimed at countries who continue to trade with Tehran: Washington’s coming war on Iran’
  3. Israel has accelerated its illegal settlement programme on the West Bank. In Gaza the IDF kills Palestinians every week with no condemnation, or even comment, from western mainstream media. There is now a push in Washington to recognise Israel’s illegal occupation of the Syrian Golan Heights.
  4. Despite some initial progress on the Korean Peninsula, Washington has blocked attempts by the North & South to work together to accelerate the peace process
  5. Censorship has increased markedly, particularly on Facebook, which relies on NATO’s pet think-tank, the Atlantic Council, to decide what is acceptable and what is not. Anti-war or pro-Russian comments are not welcome, neither is criticism of Israel. The conflation of anti-Zionism with anti-Semitism is being used to silence a population brainwashed with the emotional blackmail prevalent in ‘identity politics’: On the continued weaponization of identity’
  6. Julian Assange is still locked up in the Ecuadorean embassy, for the crime of holding power to account. If he comes out he faces extradition by Washington. The UK government, and that of his native Australia are willing accomplices: ‘Washington’s war on Julian Assange’ 
  7. This is not an exhaustive list…and doesn’t include any of the ‘new stuff’. I’ll come to some of that later

What is Crony-Capitalism?

There are many names for the system that is collapsing, ‘Neo-liberalism’ is the most common; some call it ‘Corporatism’. Others refer to it as ‘Elitism’, ‘Oligarchy’, ‘The Empire’ and ‘Plutocracy’ – a ‘class’ that rules by virtue of its wealth, however obtained or maintained. These are all accurate in their own way. Whatever you call it, the system is essentially parasitic in nature. In metaphorical terms, I think of it as a ‘disease’:

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