Wednesday, July 3, 2019

The Austrian Theory of Money — Murray N. Rothbard

The Austrian theory of money virtually begins and ends with Ludwig von Mises's monumental Theory of Money and Credit, published in 1912.1 Mises's fundamental accomplishment was to take the theory of marginal utility, built up by Austrian economists and other marginalists as the explanation for consumer demand and market price, and apply it to the demand for and the value, or the price, of money. No longer did the theory of money need to be separated from the general economic theory of individual action and utility, of supply, demand, and price; no longer did monetary theory have to suffer isolation in a context of "velocities of circulation," "price levels," and "equations of exchange."...
Mises Daily
The Austrian Theory of Money
Murray N. Rothbard
Originally delivered as a lecture at the 1974 South Royalton Conference on Austrian Economics. Published in Economic Controversies.

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