Tuesday, July 9, 2019

TRNN - Future Resource Wars

The Chinese system is neoliberalism with Chinese characteristics, says Pepe Ecobar, but Ed Conway says the way the Chinese have increased prosperity for its population over the last 30 years is phenomenal.

The US sysyem of endless war is not working for them.

Pepe Escobar says that the socialists don't really have the leaders to bring about change, and that Corbyn and Sanders will need panels of experts to help them

I was thinking, say I got into politics and was very successful at it and got to the top, but what do I know about finance?  The City of London had behind the scenes always destroyed both Labour and Conservative governments which had tried to make Britain a more prosperous country by bringing finance under control. So, we need people among the elite on our side, but I believe it can be done.

The fantasy of the USA becoming the first global empire in history quickly dissolved in the wake of the Iraq war. Pepe Escobar and Eddie Conway discuss the coming nexus of global competition and climate change

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