Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Now They Are Talking — Andrei Martyanov

Cultural paradigms and national models.

Andrei Martyanov doesn't go into how the US is trying to impose its traditional cultural paradigm and it contemporary national neoliberal model on the rest of the world in an imperial fashion and how this is not going to work, but he alludes to it in the its assumption is the basis of his post. He focuses here on the incompatibility of the Russian and Chinese cultural paradigms and their respective national models as incompatible.

I have written previously on many occasions about how this clash between traditionalism and liberalism is the dominant force in the Zeitgeist of this historical moment of time. This is not adequately captured by the notion of thesis, antithesis and synthesis, which is a facile approach to the historical dialectic developed initially by Hegel and Marx. It has to be analyzed now in light of contemporary knowledge about the behavior of complex adaptive system, including synergy, reflexivity and emergence. This is and will be different in various locales, e.g., regions and nations, as well as sub-systems within them.

Reminiscence of the Future
Now They Are Talking.
Andrei Martyanov


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