Saturday, August 10, 2019

Tolo News - CIA Plans To Keep Proxy Units In Afghanistan: Report

Despite reports that American troops may soon be leaving the country following a deal with the Taliban, the United States Central Intelligence Agency plans to retain a strong presence on the ground in Afghanistan.

The Taliban is bad, right, and so is Al Qaeda, but what if the US is backing the worst of the lot?

The CIA supports a mercenary army, the KPF, in Afghanistan even though it has a terrible reputation for war crimes.

But alongside the group’s elite image, KPF members have acquired notoriety and are often seen as trigger-happy and unaccountable. 
Several reports in Western media have said that the KPF’s tactical accomplishments have come at a high price, with countless reports of civilian deaths and, some claim, even war crimes. 
In April of this year, a United Nations report alleged that more Afghan civilians died as a result of attacks by the Afghan government and American military attacks than at the hands of the Taliban and other guerilla groups.

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