Friday, September 6, 2019

Awara — The Government and Business Approve New Steps to Improve Business Climate in Russia

The Plan of the Ministry of Economic Development for the Transformation of the Business Climate Was Supplemented with New Measures Vladimir Putin set an ambitious goal for the Ministry of Economic Development: by 2024, Russia should rise to 20th in the World Bank’s Doing Business rating (now our country occupies 31st place out of 190)....
Russia and China have managed economies along with market-based economies. This is proving to be be a good balance between hierarchical technocracy and economic liberalism. Planning is working for both countries, seemingly contradicting the argument of economic liberals that any government "intrusion" is inefficient and reduces outcomes. At the same time, economic liberals also generally oppose direct democracy as "rabble rule," opting instead for what amounts to political illiberalism, which is what "bourgeois liberalism" really is as the dominance of the ownership-managerial class.

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