Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Bolton’s exit raises odds of US-China trade deal — Spengler

Good article, and I agree that John Bolton's departure is a positive move. 

That said, the larger obstacle is US Trade Representative Robert Lightizer. Bolton's focus was on taking down Huawei. Lightizer's focus is taking down change with a view to regime change. 

This is ultimately a replay of the successful push to take down the USSR, which the American elite believe was accomplished by economic warfare. 

The real objectives are the Chinese Communist Party and communism as a threat to capitalism. 

Robert Lightizer is acting as a surrogate for Steve Bannon. John Bolton was more a Sheldon Adelson surrogate, therefore focused on Israeli dominance of the Middle East. Trump is beholden to Adelson for campaign finance, so John Bolton's leaving will not materially affect the situation, since Trump will still have to placate Adelson to keep the tap open.

Asia Times
Bolton’s exit raises odds of US-China trade deal
(David Goldman | Managing Director and head of the Americas division of the Reorient Group investment bank based in Hong Kong)

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S400 said...

Bolton- bad
Boltoff- good