Monday, September 9, 2019

Daniel Larson - Pompeo’s Constant, Shameless Lying About Iran

Pimpea boasted to an audience that in the CIA they lied all the time, and stole, in fact he told them they ran courses in it. 

Mike Pompeo can’t get through a single interview without telling a bald-faced lie. Here he lies about Iran again:
They’re investing in missile systems that they’re not allowed to have. They continue – indeed, they announced just yesterday that they’re going to continue to do more research and development on their nuclear weapon systems [bold mine-DL]. Those things are unacceptable.
The Iranian government announced no such thing, and Iran has no “nuclear weapon systems.” Iran has no nuclear weapons program, and hasn’t had anything like that for more than fifteen years. Pompeo is promoting an extremely dangerous lie here, and as usual he is never challenged on what he says. 

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