Thursday, September 5, 2019

Dilyana Gaytandzhieva - US Task Force Smoking Gun smuggles weapons to Syria: Serbia files

The Devil!

New leaked documents expose for the first time a secret US Special Operations Command unit code named Task Force Smoking Gun. It has been deployed in Croatia since 2017 and tasked with diverting tons of arms and ammunition from Europe to Syria.
Recently I anonymously received explosive documents about arms deals between the US Government and the Serbian state owned-arms manufacturer Krusik, including contracts, e-mails, internal memos, photos, delivery schedules, and packing lists of weapons with lot numbers and their buyers. Among the leaked documents I also received scanned passports of arms dealers and government officials from the US. They have visited Krusik to buy weapons for the Pentagon Train and Equip program for militants in Syria.
Leaked passports reveal which US Government officials and private contractors have ordered, inspected and accepted the weapons. The same names have been listed by the Pentagon as recipients of a US Central Command award in recognition of their support to the Syrian Train and Equip program – the US program for arming militants in Syria (see the document libraries below).
Inflated price
Another interesting detail in the leaked documents is the price of the deal. According to the Agreement between Krusik and Sierra Four Industries, the price is $7,842,910. A further check in the US Federal Contracts Registry, however, shows that the price under this contract is much higher – $12,417,458 (or $4,5 million higher than the price in the contract with Krusik) which raises serious questions as to where the money has gone.

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Ranger1 said...

Gee one would think our mainstream media would have picked this up by now. This is as big as the Iran Contra deal.