Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Pamela Anderson Tweet

This western world 
is not a healthy democracy.
It’s all part of a kind of hell.
Hungry people
fighting for justice and
Freedom -
While privileged people fight
not to pay their taxes,
hide there money off shore -
to get more rich.

My Dad told me Socialism
is knowing your tax dollars
are helping people.
knowing where your taxes go -
You can see it in schools
and hospitals
in children’s happy faces.
Healthy people.
Safe Roads and bridges.
by now clean energy
innovation -

I don’t feel comfortable
that 70% of taxes in USA goes to military.
For what?
To start wars at their discretion ?
War is a business.
governments need to be held accountable.
They are making these toxic decisions
In our name. $


Detroit Dan said...

Thanks Kaivey. That was very well said by Ms Anderson!

Kaivey said...

She's great, isn't she?