Thursday, September 5, 2019

Paul Cockshott — 3 Bad Objections To the labour theory of value

Since various economics professors noticed that Marxists had been publishing articles showing, from empirical data, that the labour theory of value was right[ 5,3,4,6,1 7,2 ], they have felt the need to come up with objections. Whilst in the past the objections economists raised to the labour theory of value were purely abstract and theoretical, now they had a harder job. They now had Marxists producing actual figures which they had to cast doubt on. 
The objections raised by economists then get relayed in a popularised form on blogs or social media debates. It is worth my while giving a brief rundown of the 3 favourite objections along with an explanation of why these are all groundless. We have refuted them all in the open literature but since the relevant paper is not well known here is a short informal account....
Not to mention problems with the marginalist theory of value that compete with the LTV.

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3 Bad Objections To the labour theory of value
Paul Cockshott


Bob Roddis said...

There are no problems with "marginalist theory" of value. People buy what they like. They don't care how much "labor" it took to make the thing. Rap made without musical instruments by people who can't sing outsells classical music in all of its labor intensive glory. Duh.

I can't believe any honest and sane person would still be promoting the preposterous "labor theory of value". Pitiful.

Paul Cockshott said...

Well if you want to know why marginalist theory falls short of the scientific criterion of falsifiablility have a look at two of my videos


which show that even Ptolemaic astronomy compares well with marginalism as a scientific theory

Bob Roddis said...

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Bob Roddis said...

The missing link to the Drake masterpiece.

Bob Roddis said...

Typo: Pure subjective VALUE.