Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Vanessa Beeley - The "Black Hands" Behind Hong Kong's Turmoil - CIA involvement in protest

The Hong Hong protestors have every right to peacefully protest and their demands for more democracy should be supported. We would hate in the West the type of control over the Internet that the Chinese government has.

But there's a problem: democracy means an oligarchy ruled by the elite, so we don't really have much of a fully functional democracy in the West either.

If China went fully democratic, the Western elite would go straight in there and buy up the media to put out its propaganda. Then the Western elite would start buying up the Chinese companies. They would say they were opening its markets to the 'free market' and 'democracy.'

But it's like game of Monopoly, where once you're out front you start winning exponentiall, and the more the Western elite own, the more they can buy and corrupt, and so on. In the end all the profits in China would flow into the City if London and Wall Street, not to the Chinese people.

But the West got in front by imperialism, that is the looting of other countries, and the 500 year slave trade.

The US once protected its industries by inposing tariffs on foreign goods, and Britain once did the same. In fact, Britain destroyed India's superior garment industry and stole its technology.

China needs to protect itself before fully opening to the world, and we need to develop a better democracy where the oligarchs can't rule.

This video is cut short for some reason. We don't know who the Hong Kong lawyer is who made video, so we don't know if she is Mandarin or Cantonese.

“Another video to counter the relentless lies disseminated by the US Empire and its “democracy” allies.  It’s elementary stuff to those who follow Hong Kong affairs, but a useful and revealing summary for interested others.  The video, made by a HK lawyer, contains many key details and other evidence of the plentiful links between Washington and HK’s turmoil. A message from the producers:  
“The video below was produced by a lawyer in HK who is very angry at the reporting done by the Western media. She asked to show it to people all over the world so they know the truth of what is happening in HK. Please take a few minutes to watch the truth. Thank you.”

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