Wednesday, September 4, 2019

William Huang - Hong Kong’s crisis is not just about democracy. It’s also about demography

Mandarin-speaking Mainlanders are drowning the city-state’s Cantonese culture

This article takes a very different look at the Hong Kong crisis and says how for many years, going back to Brirish colonial rule, Chinese mainlanders have been emmigrating to Hong Kong. The Hong Kong Cantonese have become a minority and they are not happy with it. 

This new wave is more confident; some are nouveau riche; and many are from northern provinces, not Guangdong where most Hong Kongers stem from. They speak Mandarin, not Cantonese, the lingua franca of the territory. They do not share the “Lion Rock” Spirit of Hong Kong and many do not understand its unique history. For them it is just another Chinese city. As well, millions of tourists stream across the border, snapping up everything from milk powder to gold chains.
As a result many Hong Kongers resent Mainlanders. Their northern cousin are viewed as uncultured nuisances who push up living costs. There are fears that Mainlanders will one day replace “true” Hong Kongers and dilute the city’s Cantonese culture.

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