Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Links — 9 Oct 2019

Angry Bear
Mind F*K, Cambridge AnalyticaDaniel Becker

The Guardian
Neoliberalism – the ideology at the root of all our problems

The big polluters’ masterstroke was to blame the climate crisis on you and me
George Monbiot

Project Syndicate
Democracy on a Knife-Edge
Dani Rodrik | Ford Foundation Professor of International Political Economy at the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University
From workers to capitalists in less than two generations: Chinese urban elite transformation between 1988 and 2013
Li Yang, Filip Novokmet, Branko Milanovic
China vs. America: Communism vs. Democracy
Frank Li | Chinese ex-pat, Founder and President of W.E.I. (West-East International), a Chicago-based import & export company, B.E. from Zhejiang University (China) in 1982, M.E. from the University of Tokyo in 1985, and Ph.D. from Vanderbilt University in 1988, all in Electrical Engineering

Al Jazeera
Why democracy is crumbling in the West
Patrick Gathara

The Unz Review
Corruption in China: The Worst kind of Treason
Godfree Roberts

Zero Hedge
Joe Biden 'Personally Paid $900,000 By Burisma' According To Ukrainian MP In Bombshell Admission
Tyler Durden

Pew Research Center
In Their Own Words: Behind Americans’ Views of ‘Socialism’ and ‘Capitalism’

Zero Hedge
China Takes Aim At Apple For "Betraying The Feelings Of The Chinese People"
Tyler Durden
A Geopolitical Powder Keg In The Middle East

‘We went to war under false, now disproven premise’: Trump calls US wars in ME ‘worst decision’ ever

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