Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Shunned in the US, Huawei looks to Russia to invent an AI future — Simone McCarthy

  • As research relations sour with American universities, China’s tech giant finds willing partners in institutes keen to monetise their technical skills
  • Collaboration offers Huawei added strengthen in areas such as mathematics and gives Russian laboratories access to marketing expertise
This is much bigger than Huawei. If China switches to Russia for education and technology — in addition to tapping Russia's natural resources, especially energy — the worst fears of the US about an adversary will materialize in spades.

This is exactly what Henry Kissinger advised incoming President Donald Trump to prevent, but he was overridden by the deep state, the administrative state, and the opposition, largely from the Democrats but also within his own party.

This may go down as the single worst strategic blunder on record.

However, there is an upside to this, too. A new Cold War between approximately equal rivals militarily, where neither could be sure of winning a war against the other, would prevent either pole from dominating and would put a boundary on neoliberal globalization as the basis for unipolar Western hegemony.

Shunned in the US, Huawei looks to Russia to invent an AI future
Simone McCarthy

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You knew this was going to happen, right?

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Peter Pan said...

The upside is that mobile phone makers and telecommunications companies in the US won't have to compete. Trump got his silly trade war that he can sell to his base of fools. The "deep state" got nothing, as usual.