Saturday, February 1, 2020


Not only can two physically separated particles influence each other, they can influence each other through time

Alvin Ash, the guy who makes the spooky physics YouTube videos, did one on AI recently, and he said one day AI machines will become conscious. I replied under his video that it will never happen, and he said how can I be so sure? I then told him why, based on the work of Roger Penrose, but Alvin Ash never replied.

Whereabouts in our brains do we see images? Light signals enter the eyes and go to the brain, and at their end points there something happens, but scientists have no clue how that gets changed into the images that we see. 

Now matter how powerful we make AI, whereabouts in its circuitry would it get to see images? Someone came back to me and said modern AI would be partiality biological, but I still doubt if it would have any meaningful consciousness.

Dr Eric Holloway works in AI for the military, and he says AI will never be conscious. He also thinks the universe has meaning. 

But we can also draw another conclusion: If the physical world consists only of efficient causality, how can we create computational intelligence (that is, thinking computers or hard AI) that exhibits final causality from physical processes?

The answer is we cannot; thus, we can never embed human intelligence in computational intelligence.

I recently put out an article which said the brain only recieves a tiny amount of information from the sensory organs, and from this it generates everything we see, most of which it simply created itself. 

The passing of time is an Illusion as all time is here at once, said Einstein. Some modern theories posit that the brain creates the Illusion of space and time. At present, it seems that consciousness and the universe are related. 

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Bob said...

The purpose of the universe is to provide forex signals.

Andrew Anderson said...

I then told him why, based on the work of Roger Penrose, kv

I read "The Emperor's New Mind" and my take is that if we build AI's with quantum logic that they might become conscious.

Loved the movie "AI" btw ...

Marian Ruccius said...

OR mask them!