Sunday, August 9, 2020

Police stop RT as we investigate the controversy of migrants living in UK hotels

The RT channels I like are very liberal/ left, but some people accuse RT of being racist, promoting right-wing populism and anti immigration sentiment in Europe.

RT is certainly diverse, with some sections promoting climate change denial and neoliberalism. These are the smaller channels that hardly ever turn up in my YouTube feed.

This video is very interesting as it's starts off sounding pretty bad by saying how the immigrants in Britain our housed in 3 to 4 star hotels, something the British detest, but a third of the way through the journalist gives an Iraqi/ Kurdish man all the time he needs to explain why he became an immigrant in the UK, and it's pretty damning of the Western policy on the ME.

Then the last part of the video is very interesting too. The reporter interviews some British people, asking them about the immigrants, and yes, they were a bit hostile, but they were just concerned about their community changing too much, a concern I also hold. Although these people seemed very unhappy about the immigration, I could see that if they sat down and spoke to the immigrants they would soon become more understanding, change their minds, and want the immigrants to stay.

It's good to see ordinary people on TV being able to express their views. These were not Tommy Robinson type people, just everyday folk.

The problem in much of the world, I think, is neoliberalism destroying the livelihood of people. I also think effort being put in to control population, through contraception, improved living conditions, more women's rights, a welfare state, needs maximum priority.

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