Sunday, August 9, 2020

‘This is unstoppable’: America’s midwest braces itself for a Covid-19 surge

Experts predict an increase in deaths across the region, made significantly worse by lawmakers who question the value of face coverings

Parson said the worst of the pandemic was past and the economic impact of the shutdown was worse than the virus. As for masks, the governor dismissively claimed “there was a lot of information on both sides” over whether to wear one so he wasn’t going to require people to do so.

Three months later, Covid-19 is surging in Missouri and in many other parts of the midwest that imagined they had escaped the worst of the pandemic.

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Sweden's Covid expert warns UK: opening and closing schools would be disastrous

State infectious disease specialist says changing the rules harms public trust

Sweden’s state epidemiologist, Anders Tegnell, says he doesn't know if Sweden's approach was the best one. 

While Sweden’s steady-as-you-go strategy is starting to look more sensible as Denmark, Norway and Finland see a resurgence in cases, Tegnell said he now doubted if there would ever be a definitive answer over which strategy was best.

“It will be very difficult to to achieve any kind of really clear-cut answer as to what was right and what was wrong,” he said. “I think we’re talking years into the future before we can get any kind of consensus on how to deal with this in the best possible way.”

The Guardian 

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