Friday, September 4, 2020

McKinsey — The Chinese consumer: Resilient and confident

The American consumer no long the buyer of last resort?

The Chinese consumer: Resilient and confident
Monica Toriello in conservation with Felix Poh and Daniel Zipser


Unknown said...

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Footsoldier said...

Matt, Tom

Have a quiet word with Mike will ya.

He can't start blocking and banning people for a tiny little bit of criticism.

He'll end up turning his service into a " Peter Sciff" echo chamber.

Bad idea guys a very bad idea.

Especially when Mike knows full well be is going to be right in the long run. Knowing he will be right what's the problem ? Mike knows he's going to be right he has nothing to prove.

MMT haters will start calling him an egomaniac and hunt him down in wolfpacks.

Because it is a "paid for" service you can't block or ban people just because they don't agree with you. Let the results speak for themselves and play out and MMT scores another stunning victory.

You know it makes sense guys.


Or completely ignore me and go down the road of censorship.


Footsoldier said...

Take the criticism on the chin. Win a stunning victory when all
Is said and done.

Everybody lives happily ever after.

Mike gets more clients.