Thursday, September 3, 2020

Craig Murray — Novichok, Navalny, Nordstream, Nonsense

Ploy to disrupt Nordstream 2? Belaruss?

Craig Murray Blog (Best analysis I have seen so far but it is early in the game.)
Novichok, Navalny, Nordstream, Nonsense
Craig Murray, formerly British ambassador to Uzbekistan and Rector of the University of Dundee


Sputnik International
Stoltenberg to Convene NATO Meeting on Friday to Discuss Navalny Situation


Merkel urged to abandon Russia pipeline over Navalny attack
Dave Lawler


TASS (Russia's export alternative to Germany and EU is China)
German businesses warn against imposing sanctions on Russia over Navalny’s case


SouthFront (Lukashenko tried to play the West against Russia as a bargaining chip and it blew up in face with a color revolution, which failed. Now he has no other choice but to turn to Russia and the West is outraged.)
Belarus Chooses Integration With Russia Against Navalny Poisoning


The Unz Review
Navalny Lives, But His Political Career Is Dead
Anatoly Karlin

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Peter Pan said...

Bye bye Belarus, back to the motherland for you. Let me know if anyone living there gets upset.