Tuesday, October 20, 2020

IMF Admits China Has Overtaken The US As The World’s Largest Economy; But Why Is The Media Silent?

The world is waking up to a new reality post the devastating pandemic that brought everything to a grinding halt. One of them is the rise of China as the undisputed new economic superpower.

It looks like state planning works much better than the neoliberal free market, and I'm sure everyone knew that anyway, but the elite wanted to have their finger in everything, so it all got privatised. 

The West's handling of the Covid pandemic was disastrous, so China is now out at front. 

China’s economic growth rate has been growing at a mind-boggling rate of around 10% for almost the last 30 years. The country has witnessed startling growth in every sector, with the manufacturing sector being the engine of overall resurgence. It has made unstoppable advances in its military power, building and accumulating world-class defence equipment.

The world can no longer deny China’s superpower. It’s now the world’s most powerful economy, a fact we can no longer brush under the carpet. The country’s rise to the top was inevitable, but no one had expected it to be so swift.

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