Monday, October 12, 2020

Barratt - Chinese Automated Car Factory of the FUTURE!

Someone I follow put a tweet out under a Republican thread. The thread was very disturbing and was full of conservatives foaming at the mouth baying for China’s blood. They were saying that the CPC had taken over many Americans institutions, including the Democrats, the media, ect, and was underming American democracy. How can they believe this when nothing could be further from the truth. The media hammers China daily. It's like a replay of the Democrat Russiagate conspiracy theory. I lost many Democrats followers on Twitter who liked the way I had debated with climate change deniers, but they soon unfollowed me when I said Russiagate was a hoax, and put out articles proving it. Two got very angry with me. 

The Dems have been almost at the point of wanting war with Russia, and many Republicans want the same with China, at least in the threads I've seen.  

Chinese Automated Car Factory of the FUTURE!

China plans twenty-five, fifty, one-hundred years in advance. The Chinese system of a mixed economy can not be beaten. Massive long-term investment must have gone into this plant. China is simply modern. 

A Chinese sorting office. 


Peter Pan said...

Animosity towards China is geopolitical. It's manufactured rage, so plans for the Cold War can move along. There's no stopping it, unless people seize power and do away with the bureaucracy of empire.

May as well get used to the MIC's 15 minutes of hate towards China. Be grateful you're not forced to participate - yet.

lastgreek said...

Since I am planning to live a very long time, what with helping my kid get into med school, I look forward to buying a "Made in China" (who else?) hydrogen fuel cell car sometime in the future ;)

PS: Gasoline cars are being phased out (Paris in 10 years, California in 15), not a bad a idea to buy a used vehicle, say a solid Toyota a few years old with less than 50k km, rather than paying the full price for a new "dinosaur" vehicle ;)

PPS: I see that my neighbour down the street just got himself a used Mercedes-AMG S65. It's a V12 with two turbochargers, you know. It appears to be around 10 years old, give or take a year. He has no idea what awaits him in car repair bills to maintain that money pit of a car.

Peter Pan said...

Why not buy an electric vehicle? Or e-bike?