Sunday, October 4, 2020

China's Environment Today — Godfree Roberts

Some environmental history and some numbers. Important since owing to its size, China is pivotal in producing global pollution, which is both a health concern and a factor in climate change. Hence, China is also pivotal in and ultimately controlling it.

The downside: China still generates a majority of its energy with coal-fired plants. China has an abundant supply of coal, and coal has factored significantly in China growth. That led to steeply rising curve in the increase of pollution. The Chinese government has been addressing this issue somewhat successfully. But China remains coal-dependent at present.

The upside: China came from behind and has only recently reaching the global average, with the trend now falling. So, the narrative about China being an egregious polluter is somewhat overblown, although also true owing to China huge footprint.

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China's Environment Today
Godfree Roberts

China is a big country. Here is a breakdown.

Air Pollution in China: Real-time Air Quality Index Visual Map


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Peter Pan said...

It's about energy use per capita.
It's about resource use beyond fossil fuels.
It's about environmental effects other than air pollution or CO2 emissions.

It's not about China.
It's not about a certain sub-culture's obsession with China.