Saturday, October 3, 2020

Paul Craig Roberts - The US needs an enemy: And it chose China

 China-U.S. trade deficit is the result of the U.S.' accounting model, not China's trading practices. China's growing confidence and its rapid development led the U.S. to make it the enemy to justify its large military spending, says Paul Craig Roberts, former U.S. Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy under Ronald Reagan.


Peter Pan said...

China can be America's #1 enemy and #1 trade partner at the same time. Win-win!

Kaivey said...

After the election they reckon it will all die down. Trump will use all the rhetoric as a bargaining chip to get a good deal from China. Anyway, let's hope things improve.

Unknown said...

China's already re-badging its exports through other countries to "stiff" Trump!

Peter Pan said...

You still believe Trump will win?

With Biden, ruffled trade feathers will be smoothed over.
Cold War 2.0 still going ahead as planned.