My advice to buy on the open today was perfect!

The debt doubled with no benefit. Not true!

A lesson on alignment and trading

Emphatically telling you to buy!

My comments on the jobs report.

Here's what you're doing wrong. Trading is a game.

The hedge fund guys are more lucky than smart

In trading, what do you do if things don't go as planned?

What now? Everything's turned around

Interest rates and the effect on exchange rates

We're all making money like crazy, but stay cool

This morning's crazy action

Losing is a choice. I teach you to win!

A couple of Forex trade ideas...

The hedge funds and clowns got destroyed. I didn't. I profited.

My USDJPY trade up over 400 pips!

What about the euro?

New developments that you should be aware of

Here's what we should say to the Saudi's when they threaten us.

By closely following the flows and understanding MMT, I got every call right.

It's fun to watch all the idiots scratchig thi head over today's stock selloff.

  Here's why you should think twice about Hillary Clinton

Chuck Todd doesn't know what he is talking about.

My latest video is out. China surprises and devalues.

This is the definitive explanation of what central banks can and cannot do. None of this simplistic, "printing money" stuff.

I weigh in on the Trump and John McCain comments

Was Tsipras "bought?" Plus, a few words on confidence and a civics lesson.

Greece is not to blame.

Greece on the ropes as the blood suckers go into full panic mode, with sanctimonious speeches and insults.

Donald Trump has all the monetary stuff wrong, but don't dismiss him too quickly.
You asked me what my outlook is on Greece and the euro. Well, here it is.
Great comments from the haters. I love doing this. It's a lot of fun.
Watch this. These guys are Nobel Prize winning economists. After viewing this if you don't think that this profession is not loaded with the most useless examples of human stupidity then there is something wrong with you.

I read the comments. And I even get a few compliments for a change. Wow!

Paul Tudor Jones believes only the private sector can solve income and wealth inequality. He's wrong.

My thoughts about the possible outcomes in the budget/debt ceiling talks.

Housewives go to prison. Bankers remain free.

Uh flowing out of Russia like vodka!

Argentina pay your debts!

Peter Schiff makes and ass out of himself in a Walmart parking lot.

Robert Murphy again...

Fed monetary policy, taper, have little effect on the economy

Economist Robert Murphy smears me for a cheap laugh!

MMT was right again!

Fox News fires Tobin Smith for pumping stocks for cash $$$$$

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