Thursday, December 6, 2012

Bobby Jindal — Bold, New Republican Party Wants to Do....The Same Thing They've Wanted to Do Since Goldwater

Republican rising star Bobby Jindal has a quartet of bold, new ideas so fresh they'll practically moo if you try to eat them 
Check them out:
  • A federal balanced budget amendment.
  • Place a cap on discretionary and mandatory federal spending.
  • A super majority to increase taxes.
  • Term limits.

Translation: GOP wants to create another global depression and tie the hands of government to address it. Brilliant strategy to banish the party from office for fifty years if successful.


frlbane said...

To put it in terms gold-bugs would understand: A balanced budget is like a ban on gold mining under a gold standard.

And does the GOP also propose eliminating the banking cartel's ability to create money for the sake of the so-called "creditworthy?"

Matt Franko said...

"When 100 millions, or more, of the circulation we now have, shall be withdrawn, who can contemplate, without terror, the distress, ruin, bankruptcy and beggary, that must follow...."

Abraham Lincoln, 1839

Matt Franko said...

" And to secure exactness, let the guardians of the law refer to the registers, and inform the judges of the precise truth, in order that none of the lots may go uncultivated for want of money...."

Plato, 360 BC

Matt Franko said...

"Impose nothing more than has been prescribed to you."

John the baptist, 33 AD

Matt Franko said...

"We're out of money..."

Morons, 2012