Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Bruce Bartlett — The Debt Limit Is the Real Fiscal Cliff

There are a host of practical problems any time the president is forced into uncharted constitutional territory, as Lincoln so often was. But when faced with an extortion demand from a political party that no longer feels bound by the historical norms of conduct, the president must be willing to do what has to be done.
The New York Times | Economix
The Debt Limit Is the Real Fiscal Cliff
Bruce Bartlett

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Matt Franko said...


From the Bartlett thing at the jump:

"MR. NORQUIST: Well, the Republicans also have other leverage, continuing resolutions on spending and the debt ceiling increase. They can give him debt-ceiling increases once a month. They can have him on a rather short leash, on a small – you know, here’s your allowance, come back next month if you’ve behaved."

The nightmare scenario!!!!