Monday, December 10, 2012

Chris Dillow — Retirement as Freedom

And this is what Ms Tett - and more importantly, our entire political-journalistic-managerialist class - doesn't see, that work is wage slavery and that retirement is freedom.
Stumbling and Mumbling
Retirement as Freedom
Chris Dillow | Investors Chronicle (UK)


Daniel Jones said...

a few questions...

what are the options to not working?

how is it wage slavery when you have the option of both not working at all and of starting your own business, as well as everything inbetween?

without government force the economy is nothing more than VOLUNTARY human action and exchanging of goods and services, how is that slavery?

if it is slavery to work but freedom to retire, and workers are forced to pay a portion of their income to those that have retired, are all workers then the slaves of those that have retired?

and finally, if you considering working wage slavery and retirement freedom, then what do you consider taxation? is that not slavery for the governments benefit? even if working is wage slavery, you atleast have the option to not do it without punishment, which doesnt sound like slavery at all to me, however you do not have the option to not pay the government for your 'right' to work and earn a living, which does infact sound like slavery to me..

explain yourself...

Tom Hickey said...

All depends on how you look at it. You have a way of looking at it that many others don't share.

David said...

* Am I alone in thinking that Mick Jagger is one of the biggest twats who ever drew breath?

Thanks, Dillow, someone had to say it. I wasted good money to see that over-the-hill show back in the '90's, just to see what all the fuss was about, I suppose. There is something to be said for "retiring gracefully." Oh well, I guess it's just as well that Mick keeps doing whatever it is that he does, rather than doing what most London School of Economics alums do. That way it's only him who is at risk of being hurt.