Saturday, December 1, 2012

Columbia Journalism Review Criticizes CNBC Policies

Critical write up by Ryan Chittum at the CJR blog here on the subject of editorial policy at  CNBC.

Mike touched on this issue wrt the quality of reporting at CNBC briefly in his latest video hit below here at MNE blog.

Chittum makes some good points and observations about the one-sided, unbalanced, non-journalism being practiced at the now COMCAST controlled CNBC.

CNBC could escape these very serious criticisms coming from a prestigious professional journalism watchdog organization  immediately simply by inviting Mike on more often to present the alternative economic views that CJR correctly observes are surely lacking at CNBC.

(hat-tip Bob Roddis thus proving once again "the truth is where you find it" ;)

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Mike Norman said...

I sent this to CNBC President, Mark Hoffman, Managing Editor, Nik Deogun and Head of On Air Talent, Nick Dunn. Let's see what happens.